kathleen green

Growing up in Oregon, I had several framed prints, posters, an embroidery with forest animals my mother made (and a life-sized poster of Robert Redford.)  I memorized every picture, painting and stich. Looking up at the plastered ceiling, I saw the shapes of an elephant, a hot air balloon, an old lady, and Super Dog flying in the air. Those images are crystal clear in my mind even today.


Kids absorb all that is around them. They create in their minds a fantastical world as they drift off to sleep. 

I think of the stories they might create by looking at my pieces. I also know, those images will last a lifetime. 

I started out creating trees wearing sweaters, but today I'm focused on creating fantastic adventures with adorable animals, outdoor scenes, and bright cheery colors. 

By treasure hunting for old sweaters, reusing frames and building materials (Seattle has great REUSE stores,) I give a new life to it all and at the same time, create unique and memorable pieces of art to cherish. I believe all animals deserve respect and kindness, so my wooly little critters and sourced from folks who care for them with love. 10%  of sales will be donated to Pasado's Safe Haven for Animals. 


I currently reside in Seattle with one husband, one 17 year old daughter, and two dogs. (Mac and Murray are featured in one of my pieces.) Send me a photo and I can custom create to include your pet(s).